This website was infected with malware and had to be removed. Malware infections can be caused due to lack of site maintenance.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important

While it is possible to have a website without routine maintenance, it is not recommended. There are simply a lot of things that can negatively affect your business. These are some of the most important reasons why website maintenance is important for your business.


There is no lack of threats in the online world. Websites that lack security monitoring and the latest security updates/patches are vulnerable to online attacks. A website maintenance plan is the perfect cybersecurity solution. Security updates and security monitoring will ensure that your website and your visitors are secure. While this is something you can do on your own, the price of failure in these situations is great. In matters of security, prevention is always better than cure, so it is a good idea to leave the job to professionals.

Many people take security for granted on the basis that they have no enemies and that hackers would not waste time on their website. However, these attacks are rarely targeted at a specific individual or website. Hackers use automated tools that scan the web and look for unsecured websites that are susceptible to attacks. Regardless of what the online platform you use, or the industry you are in, hackers will happily exploit weaknesses. Once a website is breached, hackers can collect sensitive data or install malware.

Regular Updates

The digital world is pretty fast-paced. Online platforms and software are always looking for ways to improve their services and offer more to users. This means that they are pushing out updates on a regular basis. If you do not update your website routinely, you are in danger of using outdated versions of software, which are more susceptible to poor performance and online threats.

When it comes to WordPress websites, one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market, this includes core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. A website maintenance plan will ensure that all the newest core, plugins and themes are updated and properly set up on the website.

Website Backups

One of the most important features that a good site maintenance plan offers is website backups. Simply put, a website backup is a copy of all your website's data. It enables the owner to restore the website to a previous state, should the website encounter issues or lose data. Backups are extremely important for any business website building an online presence.The amount of data backed up will depend on your service provider. The more data is included in the backup; the better and more effective the backup will be. While backups can recover your site to a good state, it is essential to note that any changes made after a backup will not be saved. This is why automatic daily backups are the best course of action for your website. Backups have numerous benefits:

Uptime Monitoring

While all websites strive to achieve zero downtime, downtime is sometimes simply inevitable. Even huge names like Facebook and Google run into the occasional website downtime. Numerous things can result in site downtime. These include human error, equipment failure, cyberattacks e.t.c. Any downtime on your site, a few hours or a few days, is likely to cost you a potential customer or a sale. This is where you need to have a dedicated maintenance team that can monitor your website's uptime and gets it back online as soon as possible should the worst happen.

Business Reputation

Your website is the online representation of your business and its values. People will create a mental image of what they should expect from a business by looking at the quality of their website and its content. A poorly maintained website that has numerous broken links, outdated content and even dead pages can end up repelling customers. It can create the impression that a business is old-fashioned, insecure, and irrelevant.

Businesses that want to be taken seriously by visitors need to invest in their websites. A well-optimized and maintained site shows people that a business is innovative and secure. Create a great first impression and encourage customers trust with an amazing and well-kept website.

It Can Save You Time And Money

Improper site maintenance is likely to result in the accumulation of a lot of problems and issues. Sites that lack maintenance are much more likely to experience downtime, and subsequently, a loss of revenue. If a lot of things go wrong on your website, it can end up costing you thousands of dollars to get the website running smoothly again. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a web maintenance plan and make sure your website deals with errors and problems while they are manageable. Focusing on website health early on is the best course of action for both your business and your budget.

Proper website optimization and routine website care are essential for a reliable, safe, and efficient website. The fact of the matter is that investing in a website is becoming a must. Search engines no longer tolerate mediocre websites. Only sites that meet the high standards of Google are likely to get the rankings they are looking for.